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Sprof is a management business advisory company, delivering significant improvement to all business operations. We work through a collaboration process with tangible and measurable operational and financial results as a consequence. As implementers our primary focus is always to work as closely as possible with your staff. Thus, our job is to support you organization in reaching a point where you operate with superior customer focus and meet your demanding customers with faultless products and precise deliveries. 

Sprof has the skills, tools and networks making your change happen.

Together we make it happen!



Maintaining the spirit and procedures of successful sales make the Achilles' heel of almost every business organization. 

With Sprof's sales development prograrmme Your sales organization steps up to a new level....


Wasting your business potential is a death sin of every management team or individual manager

We love working TOGETHER wirh people through-out Your entire organization. This is  our  way of implementing sustainable change....

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Top and mid-management are the key players when your business is striving for tomorrow's business success.   

 With Sprof You equip them with needed leadership skills achieving the success....


Welcome to Sprof

Dear Colleague,​

All businesses are undergoing a severe challenge  of change. However, I’m rather concerned, as the business cases of many development initiatives look so fragile. Consequently, pay-off is pour.


One crucial element needed is your people, heavily armed with tons of motivation, commitment and new, necessary skills. Furthermore, today's hot topic, digitalization,  also asks for change management. Software is just part of the solution. You really need putting strategic outlines, structure and business processes of your business in place first. That’s your insurance of digitally having a successful home.   


Sprof specializes in sales, productivity and managerial development.  I’m positive our profound experience adds value to your initiatives.

I’m together with Sprof’s partners more than delighted to sit down and discuss your development issues at a mutually convenient time.

Welcome to Sprof's website!


                        Pekka Susi,

Chairman of the board