Sprof's most valuable assignment merits are so far earned and held individually by our key partners. Our code of ethics strictly encourages us to stick to the standards we have set ourselves regarding keeping promises, gentlemen's agreements, signed non-disclosures to mention just a few.

Nevertheless, Sprof's partners have tons of experience, personal merits and references, both from our homelands and internationally. When talking face to face, we are t more than delighted to share our competence  and  total business insights with you

Some key characteristics of Sprof's business expertise

  • Solid and immense experience and track record from a wide range of industries from metal and electronics manufacturing through to food industries

  • Summing up the total experience and merits of Sprofs key partners, the reference log covers most industries and all business functions. 

  • Especially in the disciplines of business opportunity assessment and profitability/ business change management all members of our squad are extremely experienced and proficient.

  • Extraordinary proficiency in executing sophisticated, high level training and coaching 

  • All partners emphasize strong social intelligence aspects, building strong relationships with the partner organisation and professional tactfulness to communicate tricky issues decisively but respectfully when needed

  • Altogether our squad has spend approx. 120 working years within the consulting industry and over150 years in business positions in total. 

 "...has visionary capabilities and strategic abilities that have helped his clients make their strategy work out in real life. Successful implementation of plans has helped them reach and in most cases exceed the targets and create lasting competitive edge"

Said by people working with us

."... quickly built a relationship with the the top client which built a foundation to move from analysis to project phase on all of the assignments we worked together on."

."... quickly built a relationship with the top client which built a foundation to move from analysis to project phase on all of the assignments we worked together on."

."...has a positive go and humane grip to achieve the most challenging objectives!"

." like a hearty whipper, a restoring force of making us acting professionally again,  when we were reverting to our old ingrained habits"


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