As representatives of Sprof/Structured Profitability we will always

  1. act in the best interest of the client, providing professional service with integrity, objectivity and independence.

  2. communicate honestly and truthfully concerning the circumstances, results and activities regarding the assignment

  3. accept and commit only to such assignments for which we have qualification and knowledge and thus are within the limits of our true expertise.

  4. speak of our client and its operations respectfully and in a way that we won’t cause the client harm or suffering

  5. keep all our promises regarding keeping shared information confidential, take measures to hinder it going to unauthorized people and totally avoid using it in a way, anyone of us personally or Sprof as a business could gain from it financially or otherwise.

  6. fully respect trademarks and other immaterial property rights belonging to the customer

  7. act in way that avoid conflicts of interest from personal point of view or between the partners of the assignment

  8. in our practice follow law and order as stipulated, regarding the client’s operations or society

  9. knowingly give such advice, that the advice won’t cause danger to peoples’ health or the environment

  10. avoid speaking disrespectfully about personnel members of the client, regarding the person’s race, sex, sexual tendency, religion, political opinion or other controversial issue.

  11. behave politely, respectfully and sober when conducting work within the assignment

  12. say no to, within or because of the assignment, offered unofficial, undeserved or politically questionable economic or other benefits. 

  13. treat others the same way we expect them to treat me