The quality policy of Sprof/Structured Profitability ensures the following

  1. Service delivered  by Sprof/Structured Profitability fully meets the requirements of its customers The goal of the company is to achieve complete customer satisfaction at all times.

  2. To ensure the quality aspects ,Sprof /Structured Profitability works closely with its customers, in order to understand their needs, requirements and expectations.

  3. The values and principles  of Sprofi/Structured Profitability include the  demand of company representatives understanding the company’s quality requirements  in full.  To accomplish this, training and  regular follow-up of quality  goals is conducted with the representatives

  4. Everyone within the organization is responsible both for the quality of his/her own work and its improvement and to inform superiors in charge of when observing quality problems.

  5. Quality defects, customer claims and delivery failures is by no means to be considered as normal matters.

  6. Sprof /Structured Profitability ensures and demands that its subcontractors and suppliers understand, support and follow the company's quality policy regulations when delivering service to the company or  acting as representatives  of the company in assignments.

  7. Sprof /Structured Profitability will measure performance and seek continuous improvement in terms of overall quality of processes and services.

  8. Sprof /Structured Profitability is committed to operate a management system in accordance with the standard ISO 20700 Management Consulting Standard and will constantly review and improve its processes, products and services in accordance with the regulations of the ISO 20700 Standard..

  9. The content of the quality policies of Sprof/Structured Profitability is reviewed  annually. In case of  significant change or new legal or other requirements , corrective action is taken as needed.

  10. These policies are regularly communicated within the whole company, with subcontractors  and  other istakeholders.