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Dear Colleague,

All businesses are undergoing a severe challenge of change.  Even being on the hype curve, digitalization initiatives are extremely important, and as such not to be belittled in any way as business survival could depend on them.

However, I’m rather concerned, as the business cases of many initiatives look so fragile. Consequently, pay-off is pour. Thus two questions arise:  Firstly how precisely can you locate where and estimate how much money your business is losing at present? Secondly, are those losses mainly occurring due to managerial short comings, process disorder or lack of competence?  

Thus, the critical element is your people, heavily armed with motivation, commit-ment and new, necessary skills. Even digitalization asks for change manage-ment; new software is just part of the solution. You really need putting strategic outlines, structure and business pro-cesses of your business in place first. That’s your insurance of you’re having a successful home run.   

As Sprof specializes in sales, productivity and managerial development, I’m positive our profound experience adds value to your initiatives.  Consequently, we facili-tate business change that is sustainable, as your business develops and grows.

I’m together with Sprof’s partners more than delighted to sit down and discuss your development issues at a mutually convenient time.

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                        Pekka Susi,

Chairman of the board       


We make it personal and productive

Sprof is a management business advisory company, delivering significant improvement to all business operations. We work through a collaboration process with tangible and measurable operational and financial results as a consequence. Our primary focus is always to work as  closely as possible with your staff.

In order to stay healthy and profitable in your competitive environment, customer needs, product and service quality, management systems and operational efficiency must be kept under unceasing scrutiny. It is easy to keep to old and well-oiled behavioural practices and robustly stay in the comfort zone, not only as individual managers and staff members, but also as an organization. Sprof’s utmost mission is to challenge your behaviours and, working together to help you and your business stretch within customer orientation, operational management and leadership procedures. Thus, our job is to support you in reaching a point where you operate with superior customer focus and meet your demanding customers with faultless products and precise deliveries. 

​​Sprof works through a network of internationally renowned partners tailoring programmes with top business professionals to meet your specific needs. Sprof is your partner to streamline or even turnaround your business. All our partners are experienced business professionals ready to develop you to the excellence level you are aiming for; we can operate worldwide and carry out assignments wherever in the world your businesses operate.

Sprof has the skills and networks making your change happen. Hope is not a strategy when there is a need of a business turnaround. Business change is about analysis, choice, decision making and sponsoring and motivating the staff moving out from their comfort zone. 

Together we make it happen!



Maintaining the spirit and procedures of successful sales make the Achilles' heel of almost every business organization. 

We base the Sprof's sales management and sales representative development services on strong personal guidance, coaching and self-evaluation. However, Sprof is not ignoring classroom training totally. The best results you get when the sales reps and the sales manager programmes are carried out simultaneously.....



Wasting your business potential is a death sin of every management team or individual manager. The problem is that you are not always aware of your waste, where it hides or fully understand what causes it

TOGETHER is the key word regarding Sprof's productivity and change management  services.  For us the word  together means we love to work with people in your entire organisation. From experience we know this is key for facilitating sustainable change.....


Top and mid-management are the key players when your business is striving for tomorrow's business success. But managers are often left alone with these aspirations.   

So there is a need for both individual and team efforts, including, support, coaching   and mentoring activities. Thus it is of utmost importance to train and develop these managers, learn them new leadership skills and prepare them mentally to handle their responsibilities in an ever changing environment...