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Stardom System - Stardom Implementation

Stardom Implementation System is Sprof's framework for comprehensive business development. It consists of two separate concepts; Sprof Opportunity and Sprof Stardom. Sprof Opportunity is a full scale business analytics concept, that X-rays most key functions, operations and processes of the organisation. Sprof Stardom is the concept that recovers the identified business potential and other development needs


With Sprof Stardom you start bridging your business from the “As Is” to the “Future State”, comprehensively working through a process, not separately run and administered projects. 

Sprof is supporting you from the start and sooner than you think you have absorbed the learnings and behavioural models that will keep you on track. Of course generating will-power and discipline in combination with decision making ability is a precondition for getting there. However, you will be coached and mentored in those issues as well.

Benefits of the Stardom Implementation Concept 

  • You get a road map to take you where you ought to be. Your "To Be" situation is thoroughly defined and your whole organisation is aligned goal wise and mentally to the "To Be" status. Step by step the organization is also equipped with the necessary skills, doing that.  

  • You finally get rid of old ingrained thoughts and behaviour models and look with new eyes on possibilities, simultaneously accumulating the willpower and  discipline to get there.

  • Repatriating a lot of the identified business potential found in the Opportunity phase, you are better off financially and customers will notice the new customer focused operational model positively. Your competitive edge is significantly sharper. 

  • Increased internal respect both between functions and individuals and the decision making authority delegated downwards improves the decision making throughout the organisation. This in addition with a new, improved leadership element containing, management style and on trust and internal respect built business culture will have a positive impact on work satisfaction and employee motivation       

1. Goal setting​​ and goal roll-down

Sprof Stardom starts with a goal setting process for the entire business. The primary goals for this  phase are  defined both from the strategic goals and the business potential identified in the Sprof Opportunity phase. The two should be aligned.  When the top goals are settled the goal roll-down starts.  The outcome resembles very much the structure of the Balances Scorecard model. Goals should be defined in such a way they are  meaningful for the holder. It would be unfair to set goals the owner can't influence. 

 2. Management System​​

The role of the management system is to act as a backbone for managing the firm. Key elements of the system are

  • clear goals and expectations 

  • modelled business processes

  • a planning/scheduling system for running the operations

  • follow-up system, with measurement  reporting on daily, weekly and monthly bases

  • a balanced meetings' structure, where effectively run key meetings, with pre-planned fixed agendas, are hold

​​3. Management Team Building

Management team building serves two major purposes: 

  • each team member learn to know  the managerial  preferences, leadership styles and personality features of the other members. Better understanding makes communication better

  • each member and the team as a whole succeed in giving up disturbing  behavioural patterns causing both frustration and ineffectiveness

The EMT undergoes always the team building exercise, but team building is beneficial for all kinds of teams.

4. Managerial training​

Beside EMT-members, mid-management  and supervisors are and key players in a Sprof Stardom exercise. Accordingly, Sprof business advisors put extra effort in guiding, training and coaching these participants. 

Most of the training is on-the-job training. Both managers and supervisors learn step by step to manage, make decisions and take responsibility for all their actions. They will also be equipped with tools how to coach and train their staff members.

5. Process development

The analysis phase normally gives indications how operational processes could be improved. Part on them are functional but the more challenging are the cross-functional processes. Two functions, for instance sales and production, do not necessarily speak the same language, silo organisation patterns bring a great deal of sub-optimization or maintenance has difficulty in  running preventive maintenance  actions as scheduled as production planning is out of control. 

6. Barrrier removal

In the barrier removal process, teams are installed to take care of certain issues disturbing everyday operations. Teams can be functional or cross-functional. One issue at the time the team brain-storms observed problems. Those can refer to bottlenecks, where processes stop, stupid bureaucracy,

communication errors etc. 

The teams are sponsored by a manager and normally supported by  Sprof business advisors, equipping them with skills, problem solving techniques and "supervising" their progress.

7. Customer specific issues​​

It is not unusal that a Sprof Stardom type of effort generates issues that are customer specific.

Those issues might already be on the EMT's agenda or be identified during  the Sporf Opportunity phase. Typically, they are  strategy related  (new business ideas, preparation for mergers or organisational restructuring) or invest-ment related (IT  or machinery invest-ments, R&D  programmes etc.) 

Several of those issues can be taken into account for preparation or direct processing as part of the Sprof Stardom effort.

8. Gaining final control​​

Depending on the  initial state,  ambition and available resources and size of the business, conducting a  Sporf Stardom effort is normally  carried out in 6-10 month. 

The ambition of Sprof is, that your organization has a culture of self-improvement after the programme. However, even after the effort is completed, Sprof will continue following-up your progress by visiting you approx. every 3 months the following year. Supportive action is available if some changes wasn't rooted after all. That's Sprof's guarantee to you.