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Stardom System - Stardom Opportunity Analytics

Stardom System is Sprof's framework for comprehensive business development. It consists of two separate concepts; Sprof Opportunity and Sprof Stardom. Sprof Opportunity is a full scale business analytical concept, that X-rays most key functions, operations and processes of the organisation. Sprof Stardom is the concept that starts recovering the identified business potential and fulfilling other development needs.

Exploiting the Stardom System generates money in two ways. Firstly, by emphasizing effective sales procedures and addressing key customer satisfaction issues and improving sales figures.  Secondly, by internalizing the step by step approach identified from the analysis, the hidden business potential feeds directly into the profit and loss statement.

Benefits of the Stardom Opportunity Analytics

  • You concentrate on the right issues!  Your "As Is" situation is thoroughly clarified before you and your folks start streamlining processes, try utilizing your resources better and introduce management programmes to improve leadership.

  • Sprof Opportunity enables you take advantage of your business potential. The comprehensive analysis and the mutually designed blueprint for recovering the lost or hidden potential, giving the foundation for your future success. You know and Sprof knows there are no shortcuts to business stardom.

  • All will get a lot of new information about the current status of your business. All key findings are not to be found in your ERP, CRM or Human Resource systems.  Data is one story, useful business information completely another!

Key Elements of the Stardom Opportunity Concept




*EMT = Executive Management

Team of the client

PM of




Assignment   agreement


disclosure agreements


findings (approved by client)

Findings log


Presentation of Sequence of Operation

Other customer specific documen-tation

Key Findings;


report or presentation






The assessment process


Sprof Opportunity is a full scale business analytics concept,  that X-rays most key operations of the organisation. It  consists of six main blocks.

1. The "helicopter view" discussion

This discussion is the final talk between the client and Sprof before starting. The goal is to clarify the expectations of both sides and also present to Sprof their strategic goals and guidelines .

The agenda also covers what  operational pain spots at present are worrying the Executive Management Team (EMT) of the client. 

2. Kick-Off

The kick-off phase contains two important elements. Having a proper information meeting  with the staff concerned and to take care of that the analyst team members have the work space, tools, computer user permissions, pass permissions and other necessities to conduct their mission.

It is also important to share crucial house rules concerning work safety, behaviour on customer's site and other practicalities

​​3. Statistical Analysis

In the Statistical Analysis business analyst are, normally using Stardom System calculation models, number crashing a lot of your performance data, both operational and financial. 

If some issue needs further clarifica-

tion, questionnaires and short time manual follow-up are as well used in order to get a first glimpse at the identified findings. All results and findings is undergoing validation by a controller or other client expert. Sprof plays always with open cards.

The statistical analysis is based on acknowledged statistical methods as

used for scientific purposes

​​4. Operational  Analysis

The Operational Analysis X-rays the business operations, with focus on

machine utlization, effective labour utilization etc. Capacity control is one  key element to success,

In addition, analysts are sequencing key operational processes, especially the order-delivery process.Thus the total operational efficiency is covered.

Depending on findings and potential estimates,  the sequencing process can rely on already modelled business processes, but can also be carried out "the Sprof way". One key question is, how well in control of bottle necks, tricky quality risk containing working stages and material workflows the client is submitted to.

​​5. Mangerial Effectiveness

To create a comprehensive picture of  a business, it is crucial to understand the preferences and leaderships styles of those in charge. To get a solid picture of managerial effectiveness it is crucial to make observations on the managerial and leadership routines. Furthermore, it is important to clarify the alignment  of key managers to the strategic goals, business model execution,  customer orientation and project portfolio issues of the company. 

​​6. Presentation

When the analysis work is done all finding and development potential is presented to the clients EMT. Sprof  also presents the blueprint, completed together the client, how a major part of the identified potential could be recovered -preferably rather rapidly.