Result driven development work is a tough sport. Our key advisors have  the capability of causing needed vibration, enabling right things happen in your organisation. It needs both experience and the drive to be challenging and strict on one hand and acting with high emotional intelligence, i.e.  motivating, inciting to creativeness etc., on the other. We have the competence to do that.

In international assignments Sprof relies on its high quality international network, so putting it briefly, top qualified international talent is not an issue. 

Pekka Susi
Senior Business Advisor
B.Sc. (Mil.), CMC*
+358 40 757 2228 

 *Certified Management Consultant


Mr. Pekka Susi, is a result oriented Sales Executive, multi-talented Senior Business Advisor, Trainer and Developer and an experienced Board Professional. His clientele includes companies throughout Europe, the British Isles and Scandinavia in particular.

Pekka Susi’s entrepreneurial mind-set, analytical business thinking and excellent training skills have helped tens of European businesses to significantly streamline operations, improve profitability and renew their management systems. Mr. Susi has also a remarkable track record in sales, and is a experienced and appreciated sales force trainer. 

Roger D. Smith
Senior Business Advisor
+44 781 140 9982 

Mr. Roger D. Smith is an experienced executive management consultant with over 30 years’ international business experience. His expertise covers leadership in business analysis and projects, working with Due Diligence, takeovers, IPO’s and Mergers in sensitive environments.

Roger D. Smith has a reputation for successfully delivering outcome focused, complex high profile programmes. He can provide a highly informed but balanced perspective of the challenges faced by both the client and supplier through a high understanding of corporate structure and how organisations work.


Mr. Sakari Brusila is the long-runner in Finnish consulting. His consulting records are impressive, you judge them by length, deepness or achieved results. The amount of tacit knowledge and experience is immense.  Before turning into a business advisor professional Mr. Brusila held many director positions in different disciplines, mainly within the family business of car sales     and as a K-Merchant of ironware and agriculture machinery and supplies.


As a business professional Mr. Brusila is result driven, eager to learn new things and still going strong in management and business development. He is also involved in several Pro Bono activities.  

Sakari Brusila 
Senior Busimess Advisor
M.Sc. (Agric.Econ), TMA*
+358 400 713 886 
*Turnaround Management Associate  
Herbert Lundström
Senior Business Advisor
M.Sc. (Agric.Econ), CBC* 
+358 50 500 2310

 *Certified Business Coach, ACC (ICF)

Mr. Herbert Lundström works mainly as a business change management expert, but is also very familiar with strategic Implementation and leadership issues.  In addition, having served almost 10 years as a business professional in IT service delivering companies he has also   profound experience in process management   and other business-IT integration matters.

Mr. Lundström is also a trusted trainer and coach in different entrepreneurial and management programmes.

He also works as a certified (ICF) professional business and leadership coach helping managers and other specialists taking full advantage of their personal and managerial potential as executives and managers.

Hope is not a strategy! 

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