Our Mission

Sprof is committed to providing sustainable business advice and implementing strategies and solutions that are customer specific, practical and meet customer goals.

We are a key partner of shaping business 

excellence for the future stardom of our customers

Our Vision
Our Values

1. Client first  

Client first means we  listen and fully respect your staff, the knowledge and the skills of your organisation. But at the same time we are fully focused on your expectations and in delivering what we promised

2. Credibility

Credibility means we act professionally, both in substance and human behaviour. We give full attention to the work in our assignment, we advise and implement with full confidence. As well are we fair, independent and honest in our feedback.

3. Loyalty

Loyalty means we are stead-fast in our assignments to the client, i.e. never ever disclosing your business  content to anyone else. This also means we never serve two competitors at the same time. Trustworthiness is sacred to use.

4. Passion

Passion means that we love our job, and give our total attention to make right things happen. We want to feel pride in what we do. Furthermore, we act as ambassadors of a positive mind-set. 

Our Philosophy

Our Way of Thinking *

Sprofs's way of approaching business development is different. We see ourselves as implementers, equipped with strong confidence, experience and trainings skills. Consequently, a strong training and learning mind-set is deeply rooted in our way of working. 

Having your staff and management focusing on implementation, training and providing assistance to them, guarantees real practical and sustainable change. This change is evolving and gradually rooting to new behavioural patterns. We enjoy working closely with all your people; floor operators, supervisors, specialists and managers.

But monitoring, correcting and being "hands on" regarding daily activities is just part of the story. Management's role as enabler, coach and motivator is equally important.  Accumulating true willpower has both a competence and a mental aspect. We always keep a focus on the willpower aspect as well. In other words, we are true change agents!


* Socrates (469-399 B.C.) was throughout convinced competent knowledge would generate the right actions. Through pondering we can then dig into things and using our knowledge and skills we are able to orientate ahead. So true.