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Stardom System - Stardom Opportunity Framework


  • Do the right things!  You get the "As Is" situation of your business status  clarified before you and your folks start streamlining processes, try utilizing your resources better and setting up management programmes in order improve as leaders.

  • Sprof Opportunity enables you take advantage from your business potential.  The comprehensive analysis and we together designed blueprint for repatriating  a major part of the lost or latent  potential, cast the foundation for your future success. There are no shortcuts to business stardom.

  • All will get a lot of new information about your whereabouts regarding your business. All key findings are not to be found in your ERP, CRM or Human Resource systems.  Data is one story, useful information a compelety another!

Sprof Opportunity is a full scale business

analytics concept,  that X-rays most

key operations of the organisation:

Key Elements of the Stardom Opportunity framework

Statistical   Analysis

Operational   Analysis



Closure of   Assessment

Start of Assess-

   ment (Business

  (Analyst Team starts off)

The ”helicopter view” discussion

(EMT* + Sprof) 

EMT and Sprof


Pain spots identified by  EMT members 

   Essential bureaucracy          in place

Sprof Business Analyst Team    set-up

Interviews and questionnaires

Short term measurement procedures

Machine Usage Utilization

Work Force Utilization

Time Usage Utilization

Sequence of operation 

Statistical data collecting and processing

PM of



disclosure agreements

Assignment   agreement






findings (approved by client)

Findings log


Measurement and other key results

Sequence of operation presentation

Other customer specific documen-tation

Key Findings;


report or presentation





Summary of  assessment: findings

Information systems 

Blueprint for Stardom Phase

Managerial procedures and effectiveness

Competence evaluation

Internal communication

Other recommen-dations

*EMT = Executive Management

Team of the client

Strategic emphasis


meeting with client's staff



and contents

How we proceed together

  • Sprof and top executives of yours  spend a couple of hours to get the joint "helicopter" view of your business. All necessary bureaucracy, like non-disclosure agreements etc., should have been taken care of before that.

  • As a CxO you might have some expectations, strategic initiatives or operational or managerial pain spots you want to address, influencing the our "exercise" ahead.

  • Very shortly after that, Sprof bring in their business analysts and start working. The work is data collection and processing, interviewing key people, doing some short questionnaires, understanding your processes, taking part in some key meetings and other activities and making all kind of observations throughout the business units(s) and functions under loop. 

  • Depending on the size of your organisation, scope and expectations of your assessment, some 3-6 business analysts will act as your partners for approx. 3-6 weeks.  

  • Findings and potential items are presented to you as they appear, and savings or development potential figures have to be controlled also by your controllers. And Sprof does not claim anything without concrete proof and by customer validated figures.   

  • All commonly approved saving potential and other development issues are then transferred to the business potential log.

  • At the end of the opportunity assessment phase Sprof will sum up a 2-3 hour final presentation of the savings, findings and other addressable observations and present the finalized blueprint, how and at what speed a major part of the revealings are to be repatriated.   

  • Having together done this, then it is about time to enter the Stardom phase. 

The content of the assessment

Sprof Opportunity is a full scale business analytics

concept,  that X-rays most key operations of the organisation. It consists of 5 main blocks.

 1. Statistical Analysis

In the Statistical Analysis business analyst are, normally using Stardom System calculation models,  number crashing a lot of your performance data, both operational and financial. If some issue needs further clarification,  

questionnaires and short time manual follow-up are used as well to get a first glimpse at the identified findings. The statistical analysis are based on ackknowledged statistical methods also used for scientifical purposes

 2. Operational Analysis

The Operational Analysis X-rays the business as usual status of the business. Resource usage  is under cover and in addition  sequence is build of key processes, especially the order-delivery process.  It is of utmost importance to under-stand flows of goods and usage of money and labour to get control of supply chains issues, production planning and  warehouse management.    

3. Managerial Effectitiveness

Everything relies on management. It is crucial to understand

the preferencies and leaderships styles of those in  charge. Part of the assessment is to observe managers management routines on daily bases and also via interviews clarify how aligned key managers are on strategic goals, business model execution,  customer orientation and project portfolio issues. .    

4. Sequence of operation

The sequence of operation is basically a analysis of existing operational processes. Those could have been modelled and described using sophisticated modelling software solution. So far so good. However, Sprof's business analyst are both interested in how precise they are, and above all. is the organisations in control of bottle necks, tricky quality critical working stages and workflows.

5. Blueprint for Stardom Phase 

Th final thing to be  delivered is the Blueprint. How can the 

ence of operation

  1. Blueprint


The Sprof Stardom System contains read-to-use calculation models how data is processed and 

  •        kind of financial and key 

  •        performance indicator data

  • Operational Analysis, mainly

  •        concentrating on labour, machine and time         

  •        utilizations within operations.

  • Behavioural Analysis of managerial effectiveness and

  •        work satisfaction indicators

  • Sequence of operation, where business operations are analysed from a process perspectiv

  • Based on findings a blueprint of correction and business change is designed between, Sprof and the top management and a development initiative is enhanced.

  • Depending on total scale and number of sites  to screen, the Sprof Opportunity analytics is conducted in 3-6 weeks by 3-6 business advisors.