Influential Leadership Development

Leadership is many things. It is about inspiration, influence, setting an example and building a business culture of transparency, trust and intrapreneurship. Often you hear, that leadership is inborn.  Probably true to some degree. However, all managers can improve as leaders. Above all leadership is communication, and when talking of developing your managerial communication skills, Sprof has a suite of tools, concepts and methods to improve those skills.



A solid management system acts as the platform for the management and leadership activities of the business. Working in accordance with the system supports fast correction and decision making, thereby keeping the continuous  improvement process rolling. It is crucial  that the organization is continually on track regarding goals customer satisfaction, financial goals,  internal process effectiveness and employee work satisfaction. The planning system, accelerated execution and corrective action speed and disciplined decision making help the business move to a new operational level. 

Key elements in well implemented management system are:

  • Clear business and operational goals based in agreed upon measurement (KPIs) and other  communicated expectations 

  • Modelled processes, that are also adhered to, but subjected to ongoing critical analysis that they are appropriate for the business.

  • Planning/scheduling system, that is taking properly into account demand variation, resource utilizations and cross-functional internal needs (like maintenance, IT system updates etc.)

  • Follow up -system of measurement, preferably with measures on both daily, weekly and monthly basis.

  • A meeting structure, with effectively run meetings that are linked correctly (time and content wise) to each other.



As a development method coaching has become very popular in business organizations. Leadership coaching provides business professionals with new personal insight as goals, visions and ambitions are clarified. Your managers discover their embedded ways of thinking and ingrained behavioural patterns,  In addition, coaching also feeds the self-confidence and self-esteem of these managers. The outcome is, that both the managerial and leadership competences improve and the self-confidence gets stronger. Managers start exploiting a much larger part of their own potential.

Leadership coaching is favourable to use when managers are striving for organizational change, starting on a new position ore feeling mentally insecure about their managerial and leadership capabilities. 

A typical leaderships coaching series consists of 10 sessions, about 60-90 minutes per sessions. Depending on what is to be achieved the process takes 2-4 month. However, these figures are only a guideline.

In addition, it is important to understand that the sessions between the manager to be coached and the professional coach are strictly confidential between those two. 


The professional coaching of Sprof follows the coaching competences and ethical rules, defined by International Coach Federation (read more at

The speed of the leader is the speed     of the gang

                Mary Kay Ash

Because management deals mostly with the status quo and leadership deals mostly with change, in the next century we are going to have to become much more skilled at creating leaders.


John P. Kotter

Team Building

As the chairman of an executive management team you have your own expectations regarding the membership in the team. These need to be clarified in three major aspects

  • Achievement, i.e. active participation in meeting financial and other operational goals, lead change and keep promises and commitments 

  • Communication, i.e. fulfilling formal reporting and share and give response on other business critical formal and informal business and market information 

  • Internal team work, i.e internal rules, demonstrating solidarity to commonly agreed decisions and behaviour standards, thinking comprehensively (avoiding sub-optimization) and acting from basis of equality and fairness 

Sprof's Team Building Programme consists of eight modules (approx. 1,5-2 hours per module) tackling those three aspects, mentioned above. In the sessions the EMT members compile a commonly accepted "rule book" for the EMT work. The programme lasts for about three months.

In addition effort is put each members own behavioural preferences and patterns. To which degree are those behavioural patterns strengthening or distracting the EMT work  and what corrective action could the participant take regarding the distraction. 

The Team building is always a part of the Sprof Stardom concept but is also available as a standalone solution. 



Many developmental issues gain from undergoing a more comprehensive and deeper analysis and discussion. Also defining or evaluating future scenarios and strategic alternatives benefit from the collegiate assessment. The executive team members themselves may not possess all competence needed, so they,  mid-managers, internal experts and external professionals need to come together and jointly dive into the "soul" of these questions. You might then need a professionally facilitated workshop for doing that.

Having 10-20 (sometimes even more) people come together is both time and money consuming, having a solid pay-back of the efforts demands thorough planning and professional   facilitation in order getting the results you want.

Sprof's experienced business advisors have a lot of workshop experience and can provide valuable help with your goal setting, choosing the right workshop working process and tools. When running a well-executed workshop there are a lot of details, both large and small to be taken care. Sprof's facilitation experts support your effort and help keeping the tight time schedules and participants focusing on the working issues. 

Let your own professionals generate substance, give input and create solutions.  Sprof takes care of the facilitation, internal working and time allocation discipline and even documentation of achieved results. If you want  recordings or videotaping we also take care of that on your behalf.