Maintaining the spirit and procedures of successful sales make the Achilles' heel of almost every business orga-nization, i.e. sales is key to business success. Generating leads, meeting the customer professionally and closing deals at a high percentage is a never ending story. As a sales pro, both as a sales manager and as a sales rep,  you are continuously challenged to meet the expectations of the customer and build bonds of loyalty with her or him.

As our sales trainers are present, giving feedback and guiding directly, when your sales persons are being active, the Stardom Pro Sales Programme delivers sustainable sales results in a short period. 

However, the best results are reached when you run the sales manager module and sales staff member module simultaneously. But the modules can be executed separately as well based on your sales organization's specific needs.   

Stardom Pro Sales Programme

Stardom Pro Sales Programme

Pro Sales Manager

A tailored Pro Sales Manager

Programme concentrates

on the principles of superior 

sales management, including

  • Goal setting in sales

  • Managing the sales organisation

  • Guiding the sales professionals

  •  CRM utilization

  • Other key issues, key for a sales manager

​Total length 3-5 days per sales manager:

  • Approx. 1/3 of the time is  lectures and homework

  • Approx. 2/3 of the time is a trainer present, observing and mentoring live how the sales manager is conducting her or his responsibilities and giving feedback and advice what to improve and how.

Pro Salesman 

A customer tailored Sales Training

Programme for Sales Reps,


  • A sales training class module,

       where sales professionals

       practice via role plays, exercises

       and sharpening of their own sales 

       toolbox getting themselves ready

       for the going live phase

  • Personal assistance and coaching on by a Sales Trainer, joining the on a sales mission

  • Some additional homework

The program is tailored to include 1 or 2 days of training in class and the 2-5 days of sales trainer assistance live. Thus the total length is 3-5 per sales person, homework not included (homework takes 5-10 hours depending on what is included)

Sprof Stardom System

Wasting your business potential is a deadly sin for every management team or individual manager. The problem is, that you are not always aware of your wasted opportunities or fully understand what causes it. To get the better of these cause/ consequence issues, Sprof offers a solution called the Sprof Stardom System. The Stardom System consists of two different phases:

Phase 1. Sprof Opportunity, which is the framework for quantifying your hidden (or lost) business potential. 

Phase 2. Sprof Stardom, which is the framework for repatriating most of the potential identified in Phase 1. 

By utilizing these frameworks you'll be better off - much better off - with aligned goal, more smoothly running processes and an effective management system. Results will come from this approach!  

Sprof Stardom System

Stardom Opportunity

Stardom Opportunity is a full scale

business analytics diagnosis

for the key operations of the


  • Statistical Analysis, of all 

       kind of financial and key 

       performance indicator data

  • Operational Analysis, mainly

       concentrating on labour, machine

       and time utilizations within operations.

  • Managerial effectiveness, concentrating on managerial behaviour and work satisfaction indicators

  • Sequence of operation, where business operations are analysed from a process perspective

Based on the findings a blueprint of correction and business change is designed between, Sprof and the top management and a development initiative is developed.

Depending on total scale and number of sites to be screened, the Sprof Opportunity analytics is conducted in 3-6 weeks by 3-6 business analysts.

Stardom Implemention

Sprof Stardom is the

implementation phase of

the Stardom System. The goal

of the Stardom framework

is fundamental: to realise the 

major part the savings potential 

and other findings bringing added

value to business operations. 

This blueprint contains of following key elements:

  • Goal setting and goal roll-down into the entire organisation

  • Renewed management system, emphasizing strong management behaviour and integrity, new meeting structures and effective/timely decision making.

  • Team building and development of key team(s), the Executive Management Team in particular 

  • Barrier removal procedures

  • Tackling other specific development issues, identified within the Opportunity phase.

Depending on circumstances, the Stardom Programme phase lasts from 6-15 months.  

Influential leadersship

As mentioned top and mid-management are the key players when your business is striving for tomorrow's business success. Sprof can truly assist your management in building a renewed, effective system for managing your operations. Managers need support with these efforts.

There are different approaches to improve your influential leadership:

  • Upgrading your Management Systems. you will get a renewed structure for both your formal and informal management procedures. Goal setting, reporting and meeting structures will get renewed content, resulting in more effective and up-speeded decision making. This approach is also included in the Stardom framework.

  • The Executive Team Building -setup equips your EMT with better alignment of strategic outlining, emphasizing improved internal communication skills and helps EMT members better understand one another,

  • Sprof's Coaching and Mentoring services concentrates on developing the individual executives

  • Workshop Facilitation, when managers and top specialists need to be brought together to bring together substance to business development issues. Working in well planned and executed workshops is certain to bring in value to the development process and Sprof uses its own materials to bring well-functioning concepts for professional execution of these

Sprof Leadership Development Solutions

Management systems

A structured and balanced

management system is the

backbone of the management

process. Meeting calendars,

measurement and other

reporting and sound decision

making keep the organisation

operationally on track. 

Working with Sprof's advisors you

develop the management system your business needs. Managers are encouraged to drop most of the non-value activities, causing both extra work and frustration. Instead they will be focusing  on running a business upfront and with personal integrity. 

Executive Management 

Team Building

An effective executive

management team should

be working on commonly

agreed values and rules, be

aligned on strategic goals and

work in a cooperative and

communicative atmosphere.

The more team members 

complement each other, both 

professionally and as characters, the better 

​As a result of the Team Building sessions all members learn not only their own and each other's management styles and behavioural preferences but also each other's personal strengths and weaknesses. This results in better internal understanding and more effective ways of working.  

Professional Coaching 

or Mentoring 

Leadership coaching focuses

on the individual executive or

manager. The goal of the

coaching is to grow as a

manager and by improving  

your leadership competences. 

This means higher personal

effectiveness and better exploiting

your human potential. 

In the mentoring process, a more experienced business  pro teaches and gives advice to a less experienced actor. This differentiates mentoring from coaching.

Where the mentor shares his expertise the leadership coach helps the manager  investigate the issue by her- or himself and thus encourage the person to own decision making.

Workshop Facilitation

Many developmental issues

lend themselves to a workshop

environment. Especially so

where the issue involves several

actors, all having their own

concerns regarding the problem and 

the results.

However, thorough planning and

professional facilitation are key elements

of the successfully run workshop.

Let your own professionals create solutions and 

generate much needed valuable input. With our Sprof trainers in charge of the facilitation of your workshops, they will be professionally structured, facilitated and documented. 

Service Lines

Sprof´s advisory services are divided into three separate service lines:

  • Sales development services for developing sales staff and sales manager activities

  • Productivity improvement services for taking care of your more complex operational productivity issues, recovering lost business potential or facilitating the required change.

  • Influential leadership services aiming at either stimulating or making your management more resilient and leadership that is focused and effective.

However, our blueprint is always tailored according to your specific goals and needs, with its own resource allocation and budget. No business is alike!